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Programming- Very Easy when connect it to real life
Introduction to Python (In Hindi) #1
Python- Understanding Variables (Session #2) - HINDI
Variables, their data types and input function
Python- Creating Script or Program Files
Python - Assignment Operator & Arithmetic Operators
Python - Relational operators & conditional statements
Python - Range function (range()) and Operators (in & not in)
Python - Intro to Sequences (Strings, List & Tuple)
Python - for loop (Iteration statement or Looping construct)
Python - Creating Programs using I/O statements & Arithmetic Operators
Practice simple if... statement
PRACTICE if statement with multiple conditions
PRACTICE if ..elif... ladder
PRACTICE for loop
Python - Nested For Loop
Working with Strings (Part 1) - English & Hindi
Working with Strings (Part 2)
Python List | Python Tuple | Python Sequences | Part 1
Python List | Python Tuple | Python Sequences | Part 2